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After a brief hiatus in May, we'll begin our next chapter and expand our journalism
Hugh Kerr, a former vice chair of the Scottish Executive Council of the National Union of Journalists, called the verdict and sentence "a real threat to…
On May 7, over eighty academics, activists, journalists, lawyers, human rights campaigners, and whistleblowers came together for an “International…
Daniel Hale, who helped expose drone warfare and the targeted assassination program, was arrested. He will be jailed until his sentencing on July 13.
Secretary of State Antony Blinken condemned governments that are incarcerating, harassing, and targeting journalists with violence
A whistleblower informed the Justice Department that Credit Suisse was still managing tax-dodging accounts months after it pled guilty in 2014. Former…
Plus, Facebook whistleblower exposes inconsistent handling of suspicious accounts in countries like Honduras, Azerbaijan, Ecuador, etc
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